In today’s modern environment, almost anyone can work remotely, and now that COVID restrictions are being lifted people are beginning to travel freely again. No responsible pet owner would ever leave their pet at home alone, but sometimes, it becomes impossible to bring your pet along. So, more people are using pet sitting services now more than ever. Getting the services of professional certified pet sitters is better than asking any friend or neighbor for a favor. Also, in many cases,in-home pet care services can prevent the undue stress some pets can experience when taking them to a boarding facility. In this article, we will talk about the benefits of hiring a professional pet sitter.

Advantages for Pets

The biggest advantage of getting in-home pet care services is that your pet does not have to leave their home. They are in their comfort zone. Both dogs and cats can be extra sensitive to their environment and putting them in an entirely new place can create stress (though some pups enjoy the social interaction provided by doggie daycares). Hiring a certified professional pet care service lets your pet enjoy their normal at-home routine even when you’re away.

Many pets suffer from social and separation anxiety that could now be more prevalent due to the amount of time we were able to share with our furry loved ones during the recent stay-at-home orders. If you get a professional & certified pet sitting service, your pet is less likely to suffer from mental stress.

If your pet stays at home, they are also less likely to suffer from illness and diseases that could be contracted through close exposure to other pets. Moreover, if you hire a pet sitter that provides dog walking/exercise services, your dog will get the regular physical activity that is vital in maintaining good health.

Pets can also suffer from separation anxiety if they are confined alone or in an unfamiliar place. Keeping them at home on a more regular routine helps with added stress. Getting pet sitting services will give your pet undivided attention even when you’re away. This will keep them engaged, comfortable and happy.

If you would prefer taking your pet to a boarding facility, make sure they require all their guests to be fully vaccinated and can also provide exercise and one on one services. We know and can recommend several wonderful facilities in the area that provide great care, a safe environment and a-la-carte services for your pet’s individual needs.

Benefits for Pet Owners

Getting personal pet care services brings peace of mind to the owner. You know your pet is in caring and loving hands when a professional pet sitter is around. This frees you of the stress about the care of your pet and you can focus on your work or relax on your vacation. A professional and reliable pet sitting service can provide up-to-date status and pictures after each visit.

Getting in-home pet care services also has an added advantage in that you don’t have to leave your house seemingly empty. Your pet sitter can rotate your lights, water plants, take out the trash and bring in your packages or mail too, just as if you were at home.

Lastly, you don’t have to ask for a favor from your friends or neighbors every time you’re going away. They usually can’t be available at all times so hiring a professional pet sitting company will ensure service is provided during times you prefer.

Hiring the Right Service

Many companies offer in-home pet care services but remember to always select the one with professional pet sitters and dog walkers on their team. Make sure the company is certified, licensed, bonded, and insured. Do your research and see what other pet owners are saying about the company. And lastly, a reputable pet sitting service will provide free meet-and-greets to ensure your pet feels comfortable with their caregiver prior to hiring them. You can also discuss personal instructions and show them around the house.

Final Words

Be selective and never compromise so that you can enjoy your travels or focus on work while you are away. We know it can take some effort to ensure you select the proper care option for you and your pet’s needs, but it’s all worth it once you achieve peace of mind. You and your pet deserve a worry-free experience that a true professional pet sitting service can provide.