Does your pet hate spending the night alone? Does your pet snuggle on the sofa watching TV and fall asleep with you each night? Is your pet afraid of our Florida nightly storms? If you answered yes to any of these then our sleepover service would be the best option for you. We know how hard it can be to leave your pets behind when you are going out of town. V.I.C. Pet Care would love to give you peace of mind and allow you and your pets to feel secure and have a sense of comfort while you’re away. You no longer have to worry about the stress of leaving your furry loved ones behind with our overnight services. Overnight care is important for those pet’s with separation anxiety, medical needs, or pets who just hate spending the night alone. 

Each Overnight visit Includes

  • 10-12-hour sleepover: 8-9pm-7-8am
  • Includes a morning and evening walk
  • No additional costs for Medication
  • Fresh water and food.
  • Service Report with details and pictures after each visit
  • Play Time.
  • Bringing in Mail and packages.
  • Watering Plants.
  • Take out/Bring In garbage and recycling bins from the curb.
  • Turning lights on and rotating blinds.
  • Lots of love and snuggles
Overnight Pet Care- Pricing

Pricing is per overnight visit and does not include Holiday Surcharges.

Overnight Pet Sitting 8pm-8am (12 hours)
Per night up to 3 pets $105.00
Per night 4+ pets $115.00
Holiday Fees per overnight $18.00
Overnight Pet Sitting 9pm-7am (10 hours)
Per night up to 3 pets $95.00
Per night 4+ pets $105.00
Holiday Fees per overnight $18.00
More Holiday details here 
Feel free to add a pet sitting lunch and/or dinner visit if needed

“We HIGHLY recommend V.I.C. Pet Care!!! We would trust our pup to no one else! These sitters are so loving, so patient, and so attentive to her needs. We have found that the overnight visits work best for us when we are out of town, and I have complete trust in opening our home to these sitters. Thanks to V.I.C. we are able to travel with the peace of mind that our four footed family members is receiving the same love and attention that we would give her. We also have used sitters for times that we are going to be gone longer than usual during a day, and our dog enjoys seeing her friends pop in for a quick visit!! ” Melinda D.